July 19, 2007
The Booksling (ver. Moleskine Mod)

I've been a fan of the people at Everyday Innovation since I got my hands on a PicoPad several years ago.

Recently, I saw that they now make something called a Booksling. As someone that uses a Moleskine notebook at the office daily, I was intrigued. I like to write with a pencil and always have a hard time carrying it with the Moleskine. The Booksling looked to solve that problem.

Some people may find other uses, like students or others that take notes or highlight while they read, for the Booksling.

The Booksling comes in an attractive package in the mail.

Here is the Booksling next to a standard (5.25" x 8.25") Moleskine notebook. The come in three colors, cranberry, grape and mango. They look like red, purple, and yellow to me, but I'm an engineer, not an artist...

I wanted the Booksling on the back of my Moleskine, but soon found that the cool pocket on the back cover interfered with the Booksling.

Undaunted, I stole my wife's Exacto knife from her quilting table. I cut just enough of the pocket to allow the Booksling to slide underneath. My wife hates when I use her tools for 'non-fabric' stuff, but she seems perfectly OK taking my pliers and wire cutters and migrating them to here quilting table.

The pocket has been modified now and you can see the Booksling in place, under the Moleskine pocket.

There is the Booksling holding my favored pencil, the Mirado Black Warrior. Obviously the pencil is longer than the notebook, presenting a slight problem. I'm considering cutting down a few pencils specifically for use of a matching length of around five inches.

Most people use mechanical pencils, and I'm sure they'd work fine. Here is my Muji mechanical pencil as a demonstration.

I really like the Booksling. At $6 each, they are a steal and you should buy one now.

I hope the people at Everyday Innovations keep on developing new, cool products. So far they are 2 for 2 with me.

Posted by michael at July 19, 2007 01:59 AM

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