April 18, 2006
On a lighter note

A few other things I have been remiss in not posting:

Mister P. writes about a Doonesberry comic that involves my alma mater, RPI

My cousin Richard is now blogging at Otigoji.com

If you want a visual display of what's on your hard drive, try SequoiaView Windows software (via dl.tv)

Strenghting my geek cred, I had a story I submitted to Slashdot approved.

I am now a writer for the Metroblogging Azeroth site, focused on World of Warcraft news and issues.

A good article on HDTV standards, focusing on 1080p in next gen DVD and gaming displays. (via digg)

Sean "Internet Mogul" Bonner doesn't get Second Life either.

And finally, 30+ years into my readership, Legion of Superheroes is coming to television in 2007 on the WB.

Sidenote: I really do need to get around to making a linkblog thingie for this site...

Posted by michael at April 18, 2006 07:51 AM


The LSH was a principle component of the story line in Saturday's episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Brainaic 5, Wildfire, and a host of others made an appearance.

Posted by: Yoshi [http://www.oblivitor.com/] on April 18, 2006 3:14 PM

You should just use del.icio.us to post links to your site. That's what all the cool kids are doing (ok, just Sean and me). If you go to http://del.icio.us/settings/Grant_Henninger/daily (just replace Grant_Henninger with your username on delicious) you can set it up to post to your site. What I did was make a second blog that I display as a sidebar on my main page. Anyways, just a thought.

Posted by: Grant Henninger [http://grant.henninger.name/] on April 19, 2006 6:13 AM

holy shit the internet's a small place. I google Steve Burns concerts and I end up on Argyle's webpage.

You're one of the better posters. I like you. and I end up on Argyle's webpage.

You're one of the better posters. I like you.

Posted by: kristchan [http://www.kristchan.com] on April 19, 2006 10:13 PM
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