March 10, 2004
More on Space Food Sticks

A couple months ago I wrote about Space Food Sticks. Yesterday I recieved a note from Eric of, maker of the Space Food Sticks. Here is what Eric said in his note:


Your review of Space Food Sticks was really entertaining to me. I run Terra Firma Products (i.e., the Space Food Sticks Preservation Society) and it was nice to see these crazy efforts I'm making noticed by someone. So thanks. Having your kids judge them really resonated with this father of three.

The part that really made me laugh was your comments about the BMX bike rider on the package (aka, WTF?). You have no idea how many times I asked the folks in Australia if they could change it back. Either that or just change the name to Bike Food Sticks and be done with it! Finally I gave up and changed the packaging myself. Strange but true, I'm actually paying folks to take the sticks out of those boxes and put them in new packaging that emphasizes a space theme!

The reason I'm writing is to tell you some real news. I am working with food engineers here in the States who are going to make new peanut butter SFS based on the original formulation. They'll be wrapped in silver foil and retain the original shape. Hopefully the packaging will recreate the original as well (it won't have any BMX bikers on it I can assure you).

Anyway I thought you might like to know a bit more about what's happening with SFS because it's something you might want to add to inform folks. Your article is influential so it would be nice (for me) if you could keep it up-to-date.


So there it is folks. Breaking news on the future of Space Food Sticks from the source. Cruft continues to bring you valuable scoops like this while traditional news journalists are focused on this pesky war & the dumb presidential election!

A couple weeks ago I snagged a box of CARAMEL Space Food Sticks off ebay. Mighty tasty I tell you. There's a few boxes up for auction now.

If you have questions or suggestions for Eric and the future of Space Food Sticks, comment away. Eric will be reading this post.

Posted by michael at March 10, 2004 07:45 AM