July 27, 2003
Weekend ends

It's late on Sunday night and I have a few minutes.

On Saturday, the grils and I took the new Gold Line train to Pasadena. It was opening weekend and the train was super crowded. After the train ride, we drove to Toluca Lake and saw Rapunzel at the Falcon Theater. The 5 actors did a great job and the girls loved it. We'll be back.

Today, Michele had a party for my birthday and friends and family came over. As usual, it was a good time. The highlight had to be 300+ lb. Martin doing a cartwell on the front lawn. Pictures below.

Grins The girls waiting for the train ride.

The main crossing
The train approaches from Pasadena.

Cartwheel baby
Martin doing a cartwheel on the front lawn.

Zoe and Casey after eating blue candy.

I'm tired. Time for sleep.

Posted by michael at July 27, 2003 10:59 PM