September 19, 2000
New Things

Last night, the kids were at my parent's and I took my wife out for dinner. She wanted to get sushi. That's fine by me, I usually get tonkatsu at Japanese restaurants. I've never been attracted to sushi and had never tried it.

The place we went is called A Float Sushi. You sit a typical sushi bar, and there is a water trough running all the way around the bar. In the trough is a chain of wooden boats, each with small plates of sushi on it. As you see somethign you like, you grab the little plate off the boat. My wife loves this idea. My theory is that A Float captures a women's two favorite things in one, she can eat AND shop at the same time.

Well for some reason I felt brave and decided to try sushi for the first time ever. I grabbed a plate of some bright red fish. Michele said it was tuna. I steeled myself for the first bite. I imagined that the texture would be similar to raw beef or chicken. Amazingly, it was completely different than anythign I would have expected. The texture was smooth and almost creamy. I ended up eating two plates of tune before we left. Now I can't say I crave the stuff, but I don't fear eating sushi anymore. I can see how once you are past the 'yuck, raw fish!' stage you can find the ones you like. For those that haven't tried sushi, it's not what you think. I'mnot saing it's great, but it's something you won't expect.

Posted by michael at September 19, 2000 10:00 AM