October 31, 2005
Halloween 2005

We had a little Halloween get-together at Cruft Manor tonight. Besides the normal events, I tried a few new things.

Mira, Kate and Zoe carved up pumpkins while waiting for the sun to go down.

This year I decided to buy full size Hershey bars to give out rather than deal with the handfuls of cheap candy. My brother Matt was first to try this a few years ago and I wanted to give it a try.

The kids were impressed with the full size candy bars and I think it can be counted as a success. I also wanted to keep track of the various costumes that came to the house. Our friend Monique did a great job of keeping track while I was out trick or treating with the kids. When I got home I took over. We went through over 180 Hershey Bars (5 boxes of 36 each) and had to resort to the back up candy.

# Kids Costume
8 Darth Vader
7 Pirate
5 Jason Voorhees
5 Monster Mask
5 Spiderman
5 Vampire
4 Batman
4 Butterfly
4 Cinderella
4 Scream
3 Black Ninja
3 Detective
3 Leopard
3 Princess
3 Red Power Ranger
3 Snow White
3 Tinkerbell
2 50's Girl
2 Angel
2 Belle
2 Doctor
2 Grim Reaper
2 Red Ninja
2 Solider
2 Stormtrooper
2 Teenager
2 Tiger
2 Wicked Girl
2 Witch
2 Zombie
1 70's Girl
1 80's Girl
1 Alien
1 Anne of Green Gables
1 baby is home sick'
1 Baby Pig
1 Bank Robber
1 Barbie Swan Lake
1 Beautiful Angel
1 Being eaten by shark
1 Big Kahuna
1 Boogieman
1 Bunny
1 Camo Girl
1 Cat
1 Cheerleader
1 Daphne
1 Death
1 Dentist
1 Dinosaur
1 Dorothy Gale
1 Duck
1 Dumb Blonde
1 Evil Jester
1 Fairy
1 Farmer
1 Flower
1 Freddie Kruger
1 Ghost
1 Gothic Fairy
1 Grave Robber
1 Guy w/mask
1 Happy Gilmore
1 Hello Kitty
1 House Burglar
1 Jack Skeleton
1 Japanese Girl
1 Ladybug
1 Little Boy
1 Minnie Mouse
1 Monk
1 Monkey
1 Mouse
1 Mr. Darkness
1 Mulan
1 Neo (Matrix)
1 Padme Amidala
1 Pagan
1 Phantom
1 Pimp
1 Pink Princess
1 Pocahontas
1 Pregnant Boy
1 Robin
1 Spider Witch
1 Sugar Plum Fairy
1 Superman
1 SWAT Girl
1 Sylvester
1 The Only Princess
1 Unicorn
1 Vampire Girl
1 Victim
1 Woody
1 Zorro

That list totals up to 163. We had more than that, but the list is reasonable accurate as to what we saw. Darth Vader is obviously the most popular costume this year. When the kids woudl come to the door, if the costume wasn't clear to me, I'd ask them what they were. I think it was much more interesting to hear the kids explain who they are than simply guess at it.

Posted by michael at October 31, 2005 11:43 PM


I think I need more on the "Being eaten by shark" costume...

Posted by: BillB [http://squidly.com] on November 1, 2005 4:26 AM

Full size candy bars? Please post your address before next Halloween!

Posted by: Daniel [] on November 1, 2005 4:40 PM

Anne of Green Gables eh? So I guess there's at least two of us that watch public TV. Or was it based on a book? Probably the book. Oh well, btw, how old was the Ms. Green Gables?

Posted by: LittleKenny [http://littlekenny.com] on November 1, 2005 10:42 PM

No one on our street did anything for halloween, not even pumpkins, maybe its because most of them are old, did you just decide to write down all the costumes or is it a hobby?

Posted by: Tom [http://www.xboxmad.com] on November 6, 2005 10:17 AM

Sorry to post this question, but could not find an email address

Read the artlcle on the trashcan smoker with interest. Have been hot smoking for sometime, but recently also curing and cold smoking and always interested in inovations

What rating element did you use (I presume 110V) but you did not mention current rating

Are there any concerns about zinc fumes from the plating on the can????

Would welcome a response


Posted by: Roger Huson [] on November 10, 2005 11:53 PM

We typically don't get trick or treaters, maybe 5 or 6 each year so I had the idea to give out giant candy bars...my wife poo poo'd the idea. As it turns out we got ZERO this year! You were no doubt popular with the kids.

Posted by: Jay [] on November 14, 2005 11:25 AM
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