March 14, 2005
Where did your domain name come from?

I watched a panel today at SxSW and the moderator, Lynne Johnson, asked a great question of the panel. She asked each of them to explain where the name of their weblog came from. Hearing their answers was great and I think everyone should explain where the name of their weblog comes from.

So, I encourage you to explain the origins on your own weblog and use the tag 'blognameorigin' to help people find our post.

For those new to posting tags, basically a tag is a kind of flag to search engine on how they can sort your post. If you put this code in your post, it should work.

<a href="" rel="tag">blognameorigin</a>

And then you should see a link like this appear: on your post. If you click on that link, you should see the posts of all others that used that tag.

With that said, back to the main idea...

The Story of

Back in 1997 I registered the domain name as a personal site for photos and stories. It served me well and in early 2000 I started using for my nascent weblog. The word cruft was a word I liked since I had first heard it in college.

To me the word represented exactly what my site was, random bits of unimportant crap.

In late 2001, I decided I wanted a site for the weblog alone, to keep the family stuff a little separate from my ranting weblog. I wanted as my domain name, but alas, it was taken.

John Walker, founder of Autodesk, had already registered, .net, and .org. I emailed him and asked about his plans. He said he wasn't doing anything with them, but that he was saving them for something 'good'. I apparently didn't count as 'good' and he didn't want to give me any of the domain names. (It's four years later, and e still hasn't done anything with those domain names...)

Back to the drawing board I went, trying to figure out what to do. After a bit, I came up with the idea that the site was realy a container for my cruft and not so much cruft itself. At that point, I started playing around with names like cruftcan, cruftstuff, and boxocruft. I finally settled on cruftbox, mainly because it was a easy to pronounce word and it ended with a X, the mark of all things high tech.

And so, was born.

What's your story?

Posted by michael at March 14, 2005 02:53 PM