September 12, 2011
NFL Widower

It's September. That means that once again I am a NFL Widower.

The Superbowl is Feb. 5, 2012, so there are 5+ months of football ahead. My wife is thrilled.

I like sports. I watch football, baseball, cycling, hockey, and pretty much anything else. Sports are always better than police procedurals, medical dramas, music/dance competitions, and reality voyeur shows.

But my wife, she LOVES football.

Her favorite hat to wear out running, working in the yard, or doing anything outside is her beloved NFL cap. We've been through so many, you can see the amount of use she puts them through. She rejects the individual team hats. It's the whole NFL she loves.

We have the full DirecTV Sunday Ticket so we can watch every game without fail. Now that the kids are older, she's even more into football. I wrote about this in 2005, but now she's taken it to new levels.

This year, she's in a fantasy league, so we've expanded from beyond her favorite group of teams to in-depth analysis of every team.

On Sundays, I pretty much plan that I need to make sure that the kids get fed and all the errands get run. There are slight breaks when between the morning games and the afternoon games, and sometimes before the Sunday night game. Monday nights are football. Later in the season we get football on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. In the playoffs we get football on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm not really complaining, it's just that I can't consume as much football as her.

Many guys would love their wife/girlfriend to like football, but I say, be careful what you wish for. You could end up being the one to make the snacks rather than the one sitting in the recliner with your feet up.

Posted by michael at September 12, 2011 10:46 AM