February 27, 2011
Show Me How Books

Recently we picked up the pair of Show Me How books on a whim at Urban Outfitters. Both my daughters and I have been impressed with them. To be honest, a lot of how to books are pretty crappy. They either make the topics so complex that it's becomes daunting to start, or the explanation is unclear and unhelpful. The Show Me How books get it just right.

The books are filled with graphically explanations of how to do various things in life. The books are organized into broad chapters with titles like style, love, nest, grow, thrive, grow, survive, wow, etc.

Some entries are practical, explaining how to do simple tasks and a straightforward and visual way. The graphic design is fantastic and appeals to both kids and adults.

Even more complicated topics are handled well. The range of topics covered is impressive and is a lot of fun to browse and consider the possibilities. The chapters on love and fun are great, with explanations of things like How to tend to a drunk wedding guest and How to shop for love at the market. The chapter on survival is helpful with How to free myself from an anaconda and How to eat a scorpion.

The books happily push into mischief with all kinds of ideas ranging from street art to mixing drinks to making edible undies. After looking at the one above, I've been thinking how I could build it to work without having to reach into the bag to spray...

You can visit the Show Me How site to see lots more examples of what the books are all about.

There are two books out now, Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know... and More Show Me How: Everything We Couldn't Fit in the First Book...

Posted by michael at February 27, 2011 08:26 AM