August 13, 2010
Curse of the Wolf Girl

The author Martin Millar is releasing a new book called Curse of the Wolf Girl. We were sent an early version to review. Michele and I like Millar’s other books (see The Good Fairies of New York and Lonely Werewolf Girl).

We read this book back in June, but have been exceedingly lazy in posting our review.

The book continues the story of the MacRinnalch clan of werewolves begun in Lonely Werewolf Girl. IF you haven’t read Lonely Werewolf Girl, I think this book would a bit confusing to start with first. The scotch drinking and abysmal college performance continues with further skulduggery occurring as the mystery of a werewolf’s murder unfolds. The story goes quite deep into the world of the Fire Elementals with schemes from that dimension causing chaos in the world of the werewolves.

Michele and I both really liked the novel and heartily recommend it. But be warned that this is obviously the second book in a trilogy or series. There are quite a number of loose ends left untied to say the least.

Millar put a ton of red herrings into the novel to keep you guessing as to what was going to happen, with only some of them paying off. There are a bunch of questions that we aren’t sure will be answered in the next novel or simply jettisoned as unneeded red herrings.

The writing takes a nice line between getting too gory and giving the reader a good sense of the action. Some fantasy novels go into a bit too much detail on exactly how the villains are dispatched that I find uncomfortable. Millar does this right.

We recommend this book without hesitation to those tired of the formulaic novels that seem to clog up the bookshelves these days.

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It's great if this book is as good as you said. I have some difficulties to find good heroic fantasy books since I finished reading all Tolkien's books.

Posted by: Tanguy [] on August 26, 2010 7:15 AM
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