November 29, 2009
Movember - Growing Mustaches to fight Prostate Cancer

Again, this year, I've been growing a mustache (or 'Mo') for the month of Movember to raise money for fight prostate cancer. This year it is very personal, as my father-in-law, Tony is fighting prostate cancer and just had his surgery this month. He's doing well, but this is no walk in the park.

As you may know, I had rotator cuff surgery this month, spent only a day in the hospital, and can only imagine how much harder dealing with prostate cancer is for others.

You can visit my Movember page to donate or learn more. I've posted plenty of pictures to see the growth of the Mo. Those that know me in RL, know I can grow a beard in a about a day, so the mustache has come in fully during the month. My wife, Michele, is the artistic designer this year, and guided the shape.

As an avid cyclist, I was happy to see Movember also working with the Livestrong Foundation. This year, I joined up with Team Fatty, the team for fans of the Fat Cyclist, Elden Nelson, who's blog details his passion for cycling and the fight his wife Susan had with cancer.

If you can spare a little money, please consider donating. Every little bit helps. Many thanks to the people that have already donated, you rock!

As I did last year, I will post video of Michele shaving off my mustache. She is quite eager for Movember to end.

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