January 28, 2009
Good stuff in the New York Times today

I read the New York Times every morning. Today there were some especially good articles I will share with you. As one of the last families in America to actually read the news on paper daily, you might have missed these gems.

Bacon Explosion - Looking at the net's love of bacon

A Last Bastion of the Necktie Throws in the Towel - The last restaurant in New York to require a man to wear a tie gives in to casual

Superbowl logos, past present, and other possibilities - My favorite is the logo intended to make football appear to a new audience, geeks. (obv, the 40 on the 20 sided die is a huge mistake...)

Of course, the Los Angeles Times makes a good effort:

Soda pop love - The Rootbeer Revival

Forget chicken wings for the Superbowl, it's all about turkey wings!

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