June 05, 2008
Oreo & Nilla Cakesters

Cakester is not a new social community site for cupcake lovers.

Cakesters is a new kind junk food from Nabisco that tries to combine famous cookies with snack cakes.

Nilla Wafers and Oreo Cookies are some of the most iconic and classic cookies on the market. The Oreo Cookie has been around for almost one hundred years. Nilla Wafers are not quite as old, having originated in the 60s.

The cakesters look like little sandwiches. They are soft to the touch and about the size of a regular Oreo cookie.

The filling is creamy, quite a bit different than the traditional Oreo filling. The filling doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't taste like Oreo 'stuff'.

The cakesters are chocolaty and vanillay and pretty good. But they don't make the cookies they are based on. They taste like generic cupcakes in a new form. Oreos have a specific slightly sweet flavor instead of the cloyingly sweet flavor of the cakesters. Nilla Wafers have that thin, crisp layer of flavor on the top of the cookie which is completely missing in the cakester.

Overall, the cakesters are pretty good as junk food. They are soft and moist, and you get three good sized cakesters in a package. But if you are a cookie purist, stay away.

Posted by michael at June 05, 2008 09:56 PM


Mike, I assume one serving provides a weeks worth of FAT! A brief search did not find the nutrition info for Cakesters. Do you still have the wrapper? What is the fat hit?

Posted by: Chuck C [] on June 6, 2008 9:00 AM
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