April 15, 2008
Blogging NAB

Here's what it looks like to write about a non-blogging conference. This is regarding the NAB Show for television and radio that I am attending in Las Vegas. This is my 16th time in 18 years to go to NAB.

This is an email that I sent out to my co-workers about interesting things:

Besides the usual array of monitors, MPEG compressors, proxy viewing, and 'breakthrough' products, here are a few things I saw.

Clustermedia Labs - Voice recognition of people and events in video footage by analyzing voiceprints

GameCaster - A setup that allows recording of video inside videogames by the use of traditional camera hand controls

Bug TV - Class-R - Ingest of multiple video streams via Final Cut Pro

Bluray/DVD Duplicators - There was a literal army of these robotic duplicators on the floor. Anyone know how to choose?

Telestream - Episode Engine Pro - can do transcoding of JPEG 2000 files in a distributed environment at 7-8 times real time

Studio Network Solutions - Postmap - Snoops and indexes varied file systems to find files and search via various attributes. Similar to Mega/Cobweb...

Digital Rapids - CarbonHD does realtime ingest of JPEG 2000 HD files. Actually a DDR, but the files are ready for immedaite access. Stream Z HD platform coming for faster JPEG 2000 transcoding.

Nano-spindt - High Frame Rate FED Monitor - runs at 240 frames per second - amazing look

NHK Ultra HDTV - In the back of the Central Hall, the NHK booth is showing new demos of their Ultra HD system. A must see.

Overall, the post side of the house has tons going on and the South hall is packed. The more traditional areas like lighting, jibs, transmitters are calmer and not so packed.

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