January 06, 2008
A year in Hotel Rooms

I travel a lot and end up in a lot of hotel rooms. In 2007, I stayed in 16 different hotel rooms. That doesn't include 2 vacations where I didn't stay in hotels.

In 2006, I started making short videos of my hotel rooms to show to Michele and the girls. I've been posting them to my Vox account. Now that 2007 is over, I can present you with:

My Hotel Rooms of 2007

January 15th - San Jose, California
January 16th - Emeryville, California
February 6th - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
February 9th - Bellevue, Washington
February 24th - Las Vegas, Nevada
March 17th - Austin, Texas
March 27th - London, England
April 18th - Las Vegas, Nevada
May 14th - Cupertino, California
May 27th - San Francisco, California
July 1st - Long Beach, California
July 17th - London, England
August 24th - Seattle, Washington
October 10th - New York, New York
October 18th - San Francisco, California
December 5th - San Jose, California

Vox makes it very easy to upload videos when I'm in the road. They recently added the ability to embed Vox videos on other sites. Even if you already have a weblog, having a Vox blog is fun and useful.

As an example of the videos I made, here's the one from Long Beach, when my daughters and I attended the Anime Expo.

My Hotel Room in Long Beach from http://cruftbox.vox.com/
Posted by michael at January 06, 2008 06:12 PM


I thought for a minute that you had now stayed a full year in hotel rooms over some period of time, and that made me think... in the 25 years I've been traveling for business I probably have spent a year in hotels...

Posted by: mark [] on January 9, 2008 7:14 PM

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