November 02, 2007
Further Costume Analysis

My good friend Paul did further analysis of my Halloween costume data. Enjoy.

The librarian in me couldn’t help but to try and breakdown your list a bit.

I tried to use the least number of categories as possible: Character tv/movie, Role/Occupation (stereotype/category), Monster (including undead), Animal (including insect), Spirit, and Famous Person. To be honest, I didn’t know what some of those were, and I left “Nothing” blank, but thought about classifying it as Spirit.

Only factoring the occurance of the costume once, not accounting for frequency, here is what is breaks down to.

Animal – 13
Character tv/movie – 31
Famous person – 13 (this was a stretch. I assumed some names were of famous people.)
Monster – 14
Role/Occupation – 45
Spirit – 4

I think if you factor in the instances of just the top two, it looks like Character tv/movie and Role/Occupation are pretty close. But purely based on variety, Role/Occupation is the clear winner.

10 Scream Mask Character tv/movie
7 Spiderman Character tv/movie
6 Princess Role/Occupation
5 Witch monster
4 Devil monster
4 Ninja Role/Occupation
3 Cheerleader Role/Occupation
3 Doctor Role/Occupation
3 Fairy Spirit
3 Pirate Role/Occupation
3 Power Ranger Character tv/movie
3 Skeleton monster
2 "Nothing"
2 Angel Spirit
2 Ariel Character tv/movie
2 Asian Role/Occupation
2 Darth Vader Character tv/movie
2 Dracula monster
2 Fireman Role/Occupation
2 Freddy Krueger Character tv/movie
2 Gorilla Animal
2 Ladybug Animal
2 Maid Role/Occupation
2 Minnie Mouse Character tv/movie
2 Mummy monster
2 Old Man Role/Occupation
2 Optimus Prime Character tv/movie
2 Referee Role/Occupation
2 Snow White Character tv/movie
2 Soccer Player Role/Occupation
2 Soldier Role/Occupation
2 Tiger Animal
2 Zorro Character tv/movie
1 "Saul" Famous Person
1 50s Girl Role/Occupation
1 70s Hippie Role/Occupation
1 Alice in Wonderland Character tv/movie
1 Amy Winehouse Famous Person
1 Ballerina Role/Occupation
1 Basketball Player Role/Occupation
1 Bat Animal
1 Bee Animal
1 Biff Ninja Cow Animal
1 Britney Spears Famous Person
1 Bumblebee Animal
1 Buzz Lightyear Character tv/movie
1 Can Can Dancer Role/Occupation
1 Cinderella Character tv/movie
1 Clone Trooper Role/Occupation
1 Dad Role/Occupation
1 Dancer Role/Occupation
1 Daniel Famous Person
1 Dead Zombie (as opposed to the live ones) monster
1 Death monster
1 Demon Hunter monster
1 Devil Bride monster
1 Dinosaur Animal
1 Dionysus Spirit
1 Elmo Character tv/movie
1 FOB (Fresh Off the Boat)
1 Football Player Role/Occupation
1 Friendly Dude Role/Occupation
1 George Bush's Secret Daughter
1 Ghost Buster Character tv/movie
1 Goddess Spirit
1 Goth Role/Occupation
1 Grim Reaper monster
1 Gypsy (where the child didn't leave the stroller) Role/Occupation
1 Harlequinn Role/Occupation
1 Harry Potter Character tv/movie
1 Hawaiian Princess Role/Occupation
1 High School Musical Character tv/movie
1 Hula Girl Role/Occupation
1 Indian Role/Occupation
1 Jack Skellington Character tv/movie
1 Jason Vorhees Famous Person
1 Joe Ripper Famous Person
1 Karate Man Role/Occupation
1 Laura Wilder Famous Person
1 Leopard Cat Animal
1 Lion Animal
1 Little Red Riding Hood Character tv/movie
1 Mad Hatter Character tv/movie
1 Metal Skull Biker monster
1 Michael Myers Famous Person
1 Mickey Mouse Character tv/movie
1 Midnight Princess Role/Occupation
1 Mom Role/Occupation
1 Motorcycle Racer Role/Occupation
1 Mulan Character tv/movie
1 Picasso Famous Person
1 Pilot Role/Occupation
1 Pimp Role/Occupation
1 Policeman Role/Occupation
1 Pop Star Role/Occupation
1 Power Ranger Character tv/movie
1 Queen Role/Occupation
1 Quidditch Player Character tv/movie
1 Robber Role/Occupation
1 Robin Animal
1 Rock & Roller Role/Occupation
1 Rock Star Role/Occupation
1 Scary Clown (all clowns are scary) monster
1 Shark Animal
1 Sheriff Role/Occupation
1 Silverman Famous Person
1 Sixth Hokage of the Leaf Village
1 Slash (guitarist) Famous Person
1 Spider Animal
1 Supergirl Character tv/movie
1 Superman Character tv/movie
1 Taylor Famous Person
1 The Hulk Character tv/movie
1 Tigger Character tv/movie
1 Tinkerbell Character tv/movie
1 Tourist Role/Occupation
1 Trojan Fan Role/Occupation
1 Waitress Role/Occupation
1 Werewolf monster
1 Wonder Woman Character tv/movie
1 Yankee Role/Occupation
1 Yoda Character tv/movie
1 Yosagi Yojimbo Famous Person
1 Zombie Doctor monster

Pretty good eh? Paul might need to watch more horror movies since he didn't recognize Jason Voorhees as a character in the Friday the 13th horror movie series or Michael Myers from the Halloween movie series.

Perhaps I need to pull all the data from the last three years together for a data intensive review.

Posted by michael at November 02, 2007 09:27 AM


True, I am not a big horror flick fan. My bad. I also almost classified Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse as monsters. ;-)

Posted by: paul [] on November 2, 2007 9:56 AM

i thought michael myers was the wayne's world guy. :)

Posted by: kp [] on November 3, 2007 7:15 AM


Posted by: Jenny [] on November 4, 2007 4:21 PM

Yosagi Yojimbo is a cartoon character =P

From the TMNT comics

Posted by: Andy [] on November 7, 2007 10:55 PM
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