May 28, 2007
Preferred means of contact

Several people have been discussing how to handle communications these days (Sean, Jason, Tantek). All suggesting that email is a bad way to communicate. I agree and thought I'd throw in my 2ยข.

I get a lot of email, so I would like you all to bend to my specific desires to reduce my email stress. At the office I get 300-400 non-filtered emails a day and often don't check my personal email for days at a time.

So, that said, here is how I prefer to be contacted:

  1. Human Courier - You will hand write a letter to me, seal it with wax and your personal seal, then have it personally delivered by a human courier. The courier will present the letter to me on a silver tray. The courier will then wait for my reply, waiting the hours or days it takes me to come up with my thoughtful reply. Be aware, if you send bad news, I reserve the right to physically harm the messenger.
  2. Telegram - If you don't have the time for a handwritten letter, I will accept a telegram. Yes, you can still send a telegram to me. Western Union got out of the game, but there are several other companies providing service.
  3. Battlefield 2142 - Get a copy of Battlefield 2142, install and start a character. Then track me down to a time I'm playing and join the server I'm on. Next, hop into my squad. I'll be happy to VOIP chat with you in game, while we play. I like to play engineer, defending Toll Station on Gibraltar, so please spawn as Support to resupply as needed.
  4. Adam Carolla Show - I listen to the podcasts of the Adam Carolla show fairly regulalry, so find a way onto the Adam Carolla show on-air and I'll probably hear what you have to say in a day or so. Be aware, that I don't like the Angel Adam/Devil Danny segment, and tend to skip those.
  5. My Secretary - The first rule of corporate life is "Listen to your Secretary." That being said, if you can track her down and convince her of the urgency of your message, she will be able to track me down wherever I am and get me out of any meeting I may be stuck. Of course, she is aware that Wednesday Lunch is Comic Book Day and I am not to be scheduled before I have picked up my books for the week.

Obviously, this leads to me creating a new community called where you can register your preferences and that other people can check. I will be Web 2.0, run on Ruby on Rails, be Ajaxy, we'll have a corporate blog, it will be open sourced, the community will get a vote on everything, and it'll have a large presence in Second Life...

Posted by michael at May 28, 2007 04:30 PM


One can always leave a comment here, but then there's no guarantee that you'll read them.

Oh well...investigating the Adam Carolla solution...

Posted by: BillB [] on May 29, 2007 9:42 AM

I assume a strip-o-gram is still valid?

Posted by: Mister P. [] on May 29, 2007 1:19 PM

I predict VC money is headed your way in major quantities. You will become the next Kevin!

Posted by: mark [] on May 30, 2007 2:56 AM
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