April 03, 2007
Burbank Fire

Last Friday, there was a fire in Burbank, very near my office. On the way back from Lunch, it was just starting. This is what it looked like early.

Then it really started going as you can see by the flames here.

The flames created a huge plume of smoke that was noticeable everywhere in the LA basin.

You probably saw similar pictures in the newspaper and on the internet.

What you probably didn't see was the aftermath. This is the same hillside on Monday morning.

So you can tell the extent of the fire's damage, I've made it a bit clearer for you.

BTW, the round roofed buildings in the foreground are on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot.

Thanks to the LAFD and other involved agencies who put the fire down quickly. It was amazing to watch the water drops placed so accurately.

Posted by michael at April 03, 2007 10:06 AM

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