January 28, 2007
A whole new level of Geek

My eldest daughter Zoe, loves herself some anime. As Loyal Cruft Readers may recall, we dressed as Naruto characters for Halloween. This weekend was the Anime Los Angeles convention. After gathering the approval of our family cosplay/anime expert Rachel, I decided to take Zoe to her first anime con.

Now, I'm been to sci-fi cons, gaming cons, all kinds of cons, but I had never been to a anime convention in costume to be part of the cosplay. Cosplay takes things to a whole new level of geek. I mean, I'm a corporate exec type, not a crazy cosplayer right?

Before I knew it, it was Saturday morning around 9AM and I was standing my kitchen dressed as Kakashi, drinking my coffee wondering if I was really up for this. Zoe was nervous in her Hinata costume and beyond excited to go. There was no backing out now.

Once we got there, I knew it would a different kind of convention as we walked in the door and someone yelled out "Yay! Hintata!" runs up and give Zoe a big hug. Zoe had to explain that the other girl was dressed as an older Hinata.

Within about 30 minutes, we were in the groove and I had been asked to pose with other people a few times. I was a bit perplexed by a girl wearing what appeared to be a bikini made of cotton puffs, wearing a mask like mine, and nothing else. She and her girlfriends were laughing up a storm. Zoe informed me that she was dressed as Sexy Jutsu Kakashi. It took me until the next day to actually find out what Sexy No Jutsu was.

Soon enough Zoe made friends with another group of Naruto cosplay kids and the rest of the day was spent following them around like some sort of ninja bodyguard.

We had a great time at the convention. I was a little bored at some times when Zoe was watching other kids play a Naruto video game while she waited for her turn to play. The highlight of the day was the Naruto gathering at 3PM.

Some of the costumes were fantastic in their detail and match to the 'real' anime designs. People put their hearts into this.

There are a lot of rules and procedures for the gathering and the immense amount of photos that are taken. More than once a teenager ordered me in and out of pictures and I simply obeyed. Who am I to mess with the system? ;)

You can view my set of photos on Flickr, if you want to see more of the gathering.

Overall the people were nice and inviting to newcomers. For many of the people there, the con is a place where they can enjoy their passion and noone thinks they are strange. Zoe is hooked and didn't want to leave even after 9 hours. The next day she begged me to go back all day long.

The next big anime convention is Anime Expo in June (or 'AX' as we cosplayers call it...). We'll be there, in fact I better go make our reservations now.

Posted by michael at January 28, 2007 10:15 PM


I'm glad she had fun. I hope to attend AX this summer as well. Are you two just going back & forth or staying down there?

Posted by: nanny-Rachael [http://www.cyberlola.com] on January 30, 2007 10:16 AM

Like father, like daughter! :-)

What a wonderful Dad you are!
I am so proud!

Posted by: Mom [http://momonthealert.com] on January 30, 2007 8:59 PM

Thats so cool I read the artical on your halloween costumes a while back and was wondering about where you got the costumes. Hey thats a cool conintion u rock!!!

Posted by: Daniel Cervantes [http://www.xanga.com/ur_mom_17] on January 31, 2007 2:03 PM

Man, you're truly a devoted dad.

How awesome!

Posted by: satchmo [http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v43/echo_funsize/8.jpg] on February 1, 2007 10:47 AM
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