September 30, 2006
The Mocha Dunk Mug

Last week, my friend Sean IMed me a link to the The Mocha Dunk Mug at the Charles & Marie website. I think Sean saw at a Brotherhood of the Bean. Within seconds, I had ordered this amazing mug. Charles & Marie is a neat site with loads of wonderful items, but the lack of a search function (at least one that I could find easily) made my brain hurt as I spent 10 minutes looking for a search box.

The mug arrived this week and I finally had time to use it for the first time this morning.

I made a small pot of tea (coconut tea if you must know...) and began to prepare for a proper morning setup.

Thanks to my co-worker, Cyril, I had a tin of actual English biscuits to go along with my tea. For testing purposes, only the proper test materials will suffice.

Sure enough, the Mug holds two cookies/biscuits easily and they fit with some space to spare.

I walked from the kitchen to the breakfast table and the cookies remained in place. I had successfully avoided the need to use a plate. Of course, Michele simply rolled her eyes at me.

I must make a warning to anyone that might consider buying one of these mugs, you must be right handed.

You see due to gravity and a messy attitude, the cookies want to leap to the table. As you can see above, if you pick up the mug with your left hand, the naughty cookies will take advantage of the situation and make their escape attempt.

Lefties have no fear, my ninja intraweb search skillz have found a place to buy a version for left handers at Mocha Home.

So let's summarize with a pros and cons list:


  • Stylish mug that holds cookies

  • Saves usage of a plate at breakfast

  • Heat of the tea/coffee warms the cookie, which an unexpected benefit


  • For right handers only

  • Outrageously expensive at $23

  • Water collects in the cookie chamber in the dishwasher

  • Wife rolls eyes at you

Posted by michael at September 30, 2006 09:49 AM


What a great review!! Thank you so much for trying this product out and drinking our attention to the left handed version. As a leftie, I appreciate that they have a version for us.

Posted by: Brotherhood of the Bean [] on September 30, 2006 11:01 AM
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