July 17, 2006
Mini-review - Buzz Bites

Just a quick post about Buzz Bites. Michele picked these up a few days ago. She rocks and is always on the look out for things I am interested in trying

Caffienated chocolate?

This morning I dragged my tired butt into the office after a long weekend of sun, children, and fixing a faucet. The line for coffee downstairs was long and I decided to give the Buzz Bites a try.

The taste was like a soft Tootsie Roll with a hint of bitterness. Not terrible, but not delicious either. After about 5 minutes, I could feel the caffiene and what not hitting my system and I was buzzing sure enough.

Rarely do these kind of gimmick products live up to expectations, but this things do. So if you need a burst of energy to kick start you, the Buzz Bites do work. You can buy them at Thinkgeek for a bit less than the Buzz Bites site.

Posted by michael at July 17, 2006 10:34 AM


man those look good im a mager caffine addict do they sell those around fresno?

Posted by: Daniel [http://www.xanga.com/ur_mom_17] on July 18, 2006 12:16 PM

happy happy joy joy

gosh, feel the caffiene just by looking at the product, but ill....I'd rather have my own grind of fine expresso. Remember those days I had triple expresso at night to grind for the exam... I think I was shivering with caffiene for about 2 hours.

Posted by: Louis Cypher [http://www.cruftbox.com/] on July 28, 2006 2:05 AM
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