March 08, 2006
Food Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, which to unrepentant newspaper readers like myself, means that it is food day. In the LA Times, there is the the Food section, and in the NY Times, there is the Dining Out section. Both are devoted to food and issues around food.

Two good articles to read:

In the NY Times, there is talk of the imminent opening of a Trader Joe's in Manhattan. Trader Joe's, long a staple of California food shopping, brings a wonderful food at a low price to New York. NYC denziens, do yourself a favor and get to Trader Joe's. I recommend the Thai Chili Cashews (introduced to me by Brad) and the Sesame Pita Chips.

In the LA Times, there is long read about the Oxo brand of kitchen utensils, which I must admit I lust for when at Bed, bath, and Beyond. We have several Oxo items in the house, and it interesting to read about how they come into being.

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