March 07, 2006
ETech 06

I'm down in San Diego at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference or ETech as it is better known. I spent yesterday talking to many people, overhearing many conversations and listenig to the keynote speeches.

Bathed in wifi radiation, I was not surprised to hear plans for a million ways to make a million dollars. With Yahoo buying up the internet darlings, NBC buying iVillage (who?) for $600 million dollars (what?) to "IVillage immediately gives us scale and a profitable, established platform to expand our digital efforts" (wtf?).

Hell, I'd like to make a few millions too. I was even talking to people about my long orphaned Geekcalendar site that live in a perpetual pre-alpha in my head, filled with ideas on what to do and never actually doing anything about it.

The next big thing, that's what everyone is after. "What the Alpha Geeks are into" is the catchphrase, but the feel of the conference is a bit different. The casual conversations are still mainly about neat things and hearing new ideas, but I fear the sessions may be a little more along the "this is how I made millions, and you can too". We'll see.

I've talked to several people about managing the huge amount of work that the advent of email and the internet have now allowed in business. Getting Things Done or GTD as it is commonly known, is what people are talking about as being the trick. I actually bought the book about six weeks ago and didn't find time to read it. I spoke to Ben, a co-worker, about it and he said it makes a difference. I can get into the idea about having a flow-charted workflow of how to get things done, but I'm not sold on blending 'work' and 'home' into one inbox. I'll finish the book and talk to more people before I make up my mind, but the overload of the office is not slowing down anytime soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people have to say today. If you want to keep up with what's going on, check out Planet ETech for a potpourri of ETech posts.

Lastly, while I am not a tagaholic, like many, I will tag this post about . For those not aware of the word tagaholic, it describes a person that uses so many tags that they spend more time tagging content than actually writing it.

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