February 08, 2006
5+1=6 blades

Of course, the best commercial during the Superbowl was for the Gillette Fusion razor. At first I didn't know what the commecial was about, but once I did I stood and began applauding since i knew they we about to announce the 5 bladed razor.

I have waited for the 5 bladed razor for a long time. I reviewed Shick's 4 blade razor and there was the Onion's post about the 5 blade razor, but it has not been a reality until now.

As a man with a heavy beard, meaning that I get a five o'clock shadow by about 10:30 AM, I am keen for improvements in this realm. Due to my tight industry connections (actually Michele got me one at the supermarket), I got my hands on a new Gillette Fusion razor.

First you'll notice that Gillette is now boldy claiming orange as a 'man color' moving beyond the traditional blue and green. I will mention that the package was easy to open. Unlike many products that are encased in plastic requiring assault with pliers and knives to open, the package was easy to open with only my fingers with no difficulty.

Notice that the razor really has SIX blades. OUTF*CKINGSTANDING! The line has been drawn and it's now at six blades!

The shaving head itself is a slight modification of the previous 3 blade models. Besides the addtion of the blades, the little rubber strip at the bottom has been widened significantly. The handle obviously has some metal in it since it has some heft and is not as light as many of the complete disposable razors. I'm not sure why, but a little weight makes the handle feel better in the hand.

The trim blade on the back is a novel idea. For those that don't shave, all the rigamarole on the main shaving face can make it difficult to get a clean edge on your sideburns, leading to uneven and ragged edges.

The blade exchange system looks exceedingly simply, even easy to do with wet, soapy fingers. Now if only Gillette built a toothbrush attachemnt that you could swap onto the end of the handle...

So, how was the shave? It was superb.

I am serious about shaving and use Kiehl's Shave Cream at the end of my shower when my face has been wet for a while.

On the first few pulls of the razor, it felt so smooth that I thought it was just wiping the cream off and not cutting. I had to check and and sure enough, a clean shave. The smoothness of the pull is significantly better than any other razor I have used. A light tough was all that was needed, and I didn't have to go over the tougher places like my chin two or three times. I'm not sure if it's the rubbery part or the five blades, but the razor lives up to the hype. It's the smoothest shave available.

I tried the single blade trim part and that is a great innovation. It worked great and didn't feel as if I would cut myself as I positioned the blade to trim my side burns.

The only drawback of the Fusion is that with it's massive head, it doesn't fit into the typical razor hold, like the kind you see attached to the mirror. I had to hang the razor on one of the hooks through the center of the razor. Not a huge deal, but to those of you that prize symmetry, it might bother you a bit.

Obviously, IMHO, the Gillette Fusion is the new king of the hill in manly razors and is a significant improvement on shaving technology. Going forward, it will be in daily use at Cruft Manor.

Posted by michael at February 08, 2006 06:24 AM


When I was 18 Gillette sent me a Mach 3. I used it a few times and it tore up my face. I quickly went back to the Sensor that I had been using and have used ever since. My beard aint no pansy ass beard, so when most of my friends recommend the Quattro or Mach 3 I generally ignore them. You, however, have a heavier beard that I do, so I listen when you say "the Gillette Fusion is the new king of the hill in manly razors." Can we get a Cruft money-back guarantee on this razor? I don't want to be blowing my money on a razor that I'm just going to throw out.

Posted by: Grant Henninger [http://grant.henninger.name/] on February 8, 2006 9:42 AM

My firend and I have a conspiracy theory about shaving and shaving companies.

Posted by: Andre Pope [] on February 8, 2006 1:48 PM
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