July 28, 2005
All about me

Today is my birthday. It's been a low key birthday on a hot summer day.

While I'm talking about me, I'll mention that there's an article about me at Tom's Hardware. Last week I met with David Strom, the Editor-in-Chief of Tom's Hardware. We had a nice chat, tour, and lunch together talking about all kinds of technology.

Posted by michael at July 28, 2005 09:00 PM


Happy birthday! I owe you a birthday drink.

Posted by: Kathleen [http://www.dirtyfez.com] on July 28, 2005 10:36 PM

Cool article. And Happy Birthday!

Posted by: lomara [http://blog.lomara.org] on July 28, 2005 11:12 PM

Happy Birthday. I would send you a chocodile... if I had one.

Posted by: Daniel Daugherty [] on July 28, 2005 11:13 PM

Very happy birthday to you.

Posted by: Mike [http://www.curiousfrog.com/] on July 29, 2005 5:49 AM

HBday Mike. Is there really a "Tom" at tomshardware.com? Or is Tom like Betty Crocker?

Posted by: Bribo [] on July 29, 2005 6:07 AM

Happy B-Day Mr. Cruft. Congratulations on completing one more year. I'll toss at least one back in your honor tonight and at least that many in my honor as well. Cheers.

Posted by: LittleKenny [http://littlekenny.com] on July 29, 2005 6:53 AM

I don't like the way the article "humanizes" the boss.

Posted by: Mister P. [http://misterp.blogspot.com] on July 29, 2005 11:12 AM

Happy (Belated) BD. Way cool article as well :-)

Posted by: Kath [http://alikelystory.blogs.com/a_likely_story/] on July 31, 2005 8:32 AM

Happy Belated B-Day... Glad to see you had fun @ Lanfest

Posted by: Dianne [] on August 4, 2005 3:50 PM
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