June 09, 2005

A few weeks ago, I went to E3 and had lunch with a few people including Andy Baio (name drop) and Eric Marcoullier. As we ate Chinese food in a very hot basement of an expensive restaurant, Eric told me about his pet project called MyBlogLog.

I finally got around to installing it on ye old Cruftbox, and it Rocks.

Basically, you sign up with MyBlogLog and add one line of javascript to your weblog templates and instantly you can see what people are clicking to leave your site. Yep, you are used to seeing the referrers that send people into your site. Now you can see what people are finding interesting enough to leave your site.

Take a look:

That's a screen shot of the stats page for part of today. Notice how you can see exactly where people are going to when they read your site. I put the javascript on the main index template and on the individual page template. Since it's on the individual pages, I can see how people arrive via google searches and then see what they link on the way out.

Here you see a typical inbound link, in this case from someone using Yahoo to find out info abot installing Windows. They are going to my entry 867 where I discussed how to install Windows when you need to add a driver during install off a floppy.

Here you see an outbound link from someone that found my entry via a search engine and is now leaving to go visit the Usenet post I linked to in my entry.

Pretty neat to see what readers find worthwhile to link to from my site. Obviously, to commercial sites, this kind of thing is great for tracking exactly how popular outbound links are by direct measurement.

So if you are interested to see where your readers go, check out MyBlogLog.

Posted by michael at June 09, 2005 09:03 PM