April 11, 2005
Monday MLP

This made me laugh this morning.

Loyal Cruft reader Ben told me about a great article on Dr. Pepper, the Lando Calrissian of sodas. Thanks Ben!

Alex, another Loyal Cruft reader, passes on a link about business jargon. Sadly, I hear this crap all day long...

is back after some password issues and my derelict stewardship of the site.

I was surprised at dinner last with Len & Monique that the upcoming XXX movie wasn't staring Vin Diesel. Ice Cube in the new XXX. I'm so there.

Lastly, in a bid to adopt a dog from a rescue group, my wife Michele aka Scarymommy, posted photos of our house on her weblog. You can see Cruft Manor in all it's glory. Of course, Mr. P, will have some issue with this...

And in World of Warcraft:

My alchemy skill roxxors.
Posted by michael at April 11, 2005 08:23 AM