April 01, 2005
Change comes

Today is a big day in the Pusateri household. Michele and I have discussed this quite a bit and come to the decision for me to leave the world of television and move into working full time on my real passion, Datafloss.

You gotta do what you love, and I love this new opportunity.

Some may say I'm crazy to give up the executive pay, first class travel, and a corner office, but they simple don't know the world-changing and paradigm-shifting power of Datafloss.

Life will be different for the family as we enter 'start-up mode' and I finish up the first round of financing that's been going on in the background for a couple months now.

Cruftbox will remain as my private voice on the net, but look for my new professional voice at Datafloss!

Posted by michael at April 01, 2005 06:36 AM