March 08, 2005
Ego Boost II

Yet another event is causing my already huge ego to swell to exceedingly large proportions.

I've been interviewed for an InformationWeek article on How five executives got blog religion. With a picture and everything. My mom will be proud...

I don't think they quite get my point about lunch.

My point about seperating work from my blogging was this: If there is an issue at work that I couldn't speak of openly at lunch with my staff like personal performance, my frustrations, future plans, it should not be on my personal blog.

Why? Because when I say something in a public realm, whether at work or on my blog, it affects my work relationships and the environment my staff have to operate in daily.

I cannot make my staff or co-workers uncomfortable or upset, just because I have the need to vent in my off-hours. There's plenty of other stuff to write about and I have plenty of buddies to vent to over the phone when the need arises.

Other than that, an interesting bit on the various ways weblogs are finding roles inside the business world.

Posted by michael at March 08, 2005 07:43 AM