February 27, 2005
What you need to know about flashlights

Of particular interest to tech-oriented people are the newer high end flashlights now available at lower and lower prices. But how to know what features are good and which are worthless?

Have now fear, my co-worker from the past, Richard Hess, can help you out. Richard has written THE definitive page on flashlights. Now, Richard takes his admiration of prtable a lighting a bit farther than I would, but the resource is great for anyone considering a high-end flashlight.

Richard is the guy that taught me about voltage-matched audio and proper grounding systems when I was a new TV engineer just out of college. Those two lessons have served me well throughout my career.

The voltage-matched audio is pure broadcast geekery at it's finest, and usually only appreciated by other TV engineers. Grounding systems are common to almost all technical professions and usually widely ignored in areas like IT until sparks start shooting off of racks.

Some of my most vehement professional arguements have been over grounding with ignorant blockheads who think that placing racks on wooden blocks is a sound method. There's a guy up at the CBC that had me ready to fly up there with a copper grounding bar and bash some sense into him.

Posted by michael at February 27, 2005 09:50 AM