February 26, 2005
Lucky Puffs

You see them at the convience stores and you can't help but wonder about what they really are. Yes, I'm talking about Hostess Sno Balls, the normally bright pink, coconut covered treats found next to the Twinkies.

Yesterday I was at 7-Eleven and saw that there were not one, but TWO, variations on the normal Sno Ball.

I took it upon myself to investigate. Here we have the green colored Lucky Puffs and the purple colored Easter Sno Balls. With St. Patrick's Day and Easter on the horizon, Hostess is wasitng no effort to make customers happy with new products.

I unwrapped the items and got a clear look at what I was dealing with here. They looked absolutely identical, except in color. They were spongy to the touch and had absolutely no aroma. If I didn't know otherwise, I could have confused it as a child's stuffed animal.

I carefully sliced the treats in half and saw that they had the same insides, the difference appeared to be only the color of the coconut on the outside.

This is a close-up of the Lucky Puff. The chocolate cake and creme filling are the usual tasty Hostess stuff you'll find in a Ding Dong or Cupcake.

The marshmellow stuff is kinda nasty. It's not like a traditional marshmellow, with an extremely artifical texture and flavor. I can only imagine is being concocted in a lab somewhere by people in white coats from chemicals and not actual food products.

Myself, I like coconut in all forms, so the best part was sucking the colored coconut off the marshmellow to partake in the fibery goodess of the tropical fruit.

I've eaten 1/2 of one of the 4 Sno Balls/Lucky Puffs. I've got 3 1/2 left if anyone wants some, I'm sure they'll last several weeks/months without ill effect.

Posted by michael at February 26, 2005 01:11 PM