February 20, 2005
What's Crackin' ?

Last night the Scarymommy and I headed out to the rock show, as the missus calls it. The main attraction was the Uptown Lights, a new band from Greg Dulli, the front man behind the Afgan Whigs and the Twilight Singers. Michele's all about seeing Greg Dulli play. Back in the day, she was a bartender back in Cincinnati he used to play at the laundromat/bar (no lie).

The tickets didn't mention an opening band, but a group took the stage at 10 and start to play. The lead picked up the stand-up bass and began to rock the house. The band is Miles Mosley, and they play some good jazz. I'm not talking about that crappy shit that Kenny G plays, I'm talking about the good shit that you want to hear when hanging with your friends or out for a night on the town with your baby.

Take a listen to What's Crackin'. Go ahead, take a listen, I'll wait...

Now, ain't that some good stuff? This junk mellow jazz that is floating around sucks, and it had me thinking I didn't like jazz. Well, I do like jazz, at least I like the Brothel Jazz as Miles plays it.

I stopped after the show and told him how much I like the music. He handed me a book to sign up for his mailing list and I was happy to oblige. He was grinning ear to ear after playing to a packed house and getting a good response from the crowd who was there to see someone else.

So, do yourself a favor and head over to the Miles Mosley site and check it out. We'll be seeing his next show, whenever that is.

And for you social software types, note that he's using Livejournal as the tool behind his web site. At first I was 'Wha? LJ for a site?' then I realized what a smart move it was. With LJ, fans can easily keep track of what Miles is up to by adding him as a friend. I doubt most LJers use aggregators and rely on their friends list to keep them up to date. By using Livejournal, Miles is going to be able to develop a fan community around him simply and organicly. The only thing I'd do is make the LJ access a little more obvious so there was a call to action for people that know what LJ is in the same place where you can sign up for the email list.

Posted by michael at February 20, 2005 08:49 AM