December 08, 2004
Weblogger Legal Defense Fund

Recent events on the internet, like the trouble Jason Kottke has had with Sony, point to the need for a way for webloggers in the cross-hairs of well financed companies to defend themselves in the courtroom.  The freedoms of speech and the press are fundamental to America and must be fought for over and over

Jeff Jarvis called for a Blogger Legal Defense Society and others seem to agree

I'd like to help, but IANAL (I am not a lawyer) and IANAWD (I am not a web designer).  What I can do is host a web site and cover the costs of it.  As a result I registered (Weblogger Legal Defense Fund) and set up the hosting for it as well.

Pease go take a look at

Posted by michael at December 08, 2004 10:12 PM