December 06, 2004

Before I run out to lunch, a quick note.

I love that Tony Pierce doesn't like cats. I hate the fuckers. They know that I know that they are just watching us and waiting for chance to eat us.

They play that game with purring and rubbing your leg and shit, but I know it's all an act. Cats are lone hunters, stalking prey all the time. Wake up people, they will EAT you if you give them a chance.

Dogs are way different. Dogs are pack animals and stand by their group till death. Loyalty+++

If you don't read Tony's site, you should. His book, How to Blog, arrived this weekend. Didn't read much of it yet with girls, WoW, and the NFL keeping me busy, but hopefully sometime this week I can pick it up. The first page says 'none of this is true', I started laughing right there.

Posted by michael at December 06, 2004 12:02 PM