November 08, 2004
Don't be jealous

Last week the signs went up on my street that said "No Parking" "Tow-away" "We're fargin' serious and we got backhoes".

I had known that something was going to be dug up since the USA guys had been out writing on the street, identifying the underground lines.

Sure enough, they came and this was the scene in front of the house next door.

Yep, they are running fiber optic cable to my street. And the main junction box is about 50 feet from my front door!

Fiber to the home baby!

I talked to the guys doing the work and they says it's a telco, probably Verizon that has contracted them to do the install. I'm guessing that within 6 months or so, it will be lit up.

For those not so tech saavy, fiber to the home is a new kind of data connection like a cable modem or DSL, except the speeds are much higher. The expected minimums for fiber are 15 Mb/s download and 2 Mb/s upload. That's TEN times faster than the typical DSL line.

Posted by michael at November 08, 2004 03:55 PM