November 03, 2004
The people spoke

Well, the election is over but the counting is not done. It's not over till the fat lady sings says my father, but the truth is that the voting didn't go the way I had hoped.

I was wrong in hoping that a strong turnout would break Kerry's way.

I was wrong that Bush's base wouldn't increase.

I was right that the vote wouldn't be close. Unfortunately it's something like 3 million votes for the wrong guy.

Yesterday, I was cautiously optimistic about the voting when I heard of the turnout. When I got home from work I surfed the net around 7PM and there was no real news at that point. Knowing that nothing was to be gained by fretting over the TV news, I played games for a couple hours.

To try to get my mind off the idea of losing, I watched the Daily Show and headed off to bed around 10:30. The results wouldn't be known till the wee hours, so I didn't even check the net or the TV news.

Once in bed, the thoughts of the election raced in my head so I woke up the sleeping wife and made some hot monkey love to get my mind off of politics.

Around 5AM my eyes popped open and I could lay in bed any longer. Heading up front, I put on CSPAN and was disheartened. Bush had a huge lead in the popular vote and it was down to calling Ohio, even though Bush led the tally in Ohio.

Well, the voters spoke. I'm sure it will be debated what happened for the next four years, but as of today, I know how the Dole supporters felt in 1996.

Damn this sucks...

Posted by michael at November 03, 2004 06:41 AM