October 24, 2004
Audio Post, especially for you

I made this audio post about something that happened in IRC today. Enjoy.

Click more if you are audio challenged.

Hello, loyal Cruft readers. This is an exceedingly rare audio weblog post. Collect them all.

Tonight on IRC I bet a guy named Phillip Torrone on a terminology issue. He's a technology blogger and has a site at flashenabled.com

I bet him $10 that in a year people wouldn't be using the term "podcast" since not everyone had an ipods. He took the bet. I know I will be victorious when the news gets out about the subliminal neurolingusitic programming Steve Jobs put into the ipods making ipod wearers into mindless drones.

This audio post is a public acknowledgement on the bet.

Let's see where we are on Oct. 24th 2005.

Posted by michael at October 24, 2004 10:03 PM