October 19, 2004
Playing Werewolf

Archetypical werewolf moment, originally uploaded by fraying.

At Digi Foo, I saw that someone wanted to play the game 'Werewolf' at night. For some reason, I thought this meant some sort of LARPing around. That didn't sound like fun.

I think it was Caterina that said something like "C'mon, it's not stupid, it's fun."

She's right it was fun.

Werewolf is a party game that don't require anything more than a few scraps of paper to get started. You can read the basics here.

Derek snapped this photo of me playing. It was probably 2AM when this shot was taken. I went to bed at 3, but some people stayed up until dawn playing.

Next time I get enough people around, I'm playing the game with them.

Posted by michael at October 19, 2004 09:57 PM