October 13, 2004

I was catching up with the various blogs I read after a bit of a hiatus when I stumbled into the latest Los Angeles Blog Scene Tizzy. Evidently LAist made a little slam on blogging.la about the amount of traffic the two sites get.

This prompted a bunch of posts, trackbacks and recriminations bouncing around the small LA blogosphere echo chamber. I mean there's probably 20 people out of 9 million that understand what people are pissed about and all the people involved.

I'm friends with Sean and Jason of blogging.la, and I have nothing against the LAist people (except the name... I mean the thing LA people hate is using NY derived names... GothamIST, LAIST, ChicagoIST? WTF?) I digress.

They both have their good and bad points. They both seem to care about the Grove and I couldn't give a flying fuck. It's all about movies at the Arclight and dinner at Musso & Franks for me and Scarymommy. The Grove is for TOURISTS.

So I looked at the traffic that the humble Cruftbox gets. OMFG, what would you know. My stupid ass weblog about stupid stuff like hot sauce, Tivos, and video games is kicking their ass in the traffic realm.

Lookie here:

In the words of Ali G, Boo-ya-ka-sha ! My slacktastic weblog is beating the commerical venture. Long live the power of haphazard and meandering weblogs!

Sorry if it seems like I'm rubbing their noses in it...

All you social software types please explain this in terms of the power law or some other corollary about hitting what you don't aim for.

If you want to see more graphs about the hits & trends 'cause you are an infopron addict, click more.

A graph of traffic this month so far

The webalizer info details
Posted by michael at October 13, 2004 10:17 PM