September 18, 2004

The sports season is in full effect at the Pusateri household.

This morning was the the traditional start of the soccer season with the banner parade and the local speakers. It's a big event and even our congressman, Adam Schiff, showed up to talk about playing soccer 25 years ago.

Michele made the banner for Mira's team this year.

To get a feel for the chaos that goes on at 7:30AM, here's a picture of part of the field. There are 100+ teams in the opening ceremonies.

Beside the soccer games on Saturday, it is also football season.

Yes, I am an NFL Widower. Once Sunday arrives, the TV goes on and the NFL is on-screen. Michele is a serious football fan and we have the DirecTV total package. Every single game.

Now I like football, but I rarely feel compelled to watch a half dozen games simultaneously. Michele on the other hand, it quite happy to do this and quilt at the same time.

The living room gets turned into football central with the TV at one end and Michele's sewing & quilting station at the other. My job is bringing sodas and food to her while she sews. The girls are allowed in the room, if they are willing to watch football. If that want to watch something else, they are banished to our bedroom, where they can watch DVDs.

Sometimes I go up front and pretend to watch but actually take a nap. Michele is usually distracted and doesn't notice and I get to avoid the usual "No napping" policy in place.

Posted by michael at September 18, 2004 10:01 AM