September 06, 2004
Spreading the know-how

Yesterday I received an email from Brody had built his own electric smoker based on the page I made.

No question.

Just thought I'd let you know I built the smoker, per your page.

I did cut a large hole where the elec. heater goes in, and I cover it during use with tinfoil, which I hold on with magnets.

I also had the opportunity to smoke something that wouldn't fit in the smoker with the top on. Made a temp top from tin foil, and it worked fine.

thanks again,


Good work Brody, your smoker looks great.

Now that's what I'm talking about people! Soon the backyards of America will be filled with homemade smokers and the smell of burning hickory wood.

I like his modification with the tinfoil and using magnets to keep it in place. He should be able to add wood chips to the smoker without having to move the meat like I had to do.

Posted by michael at September 06, 2004 09:42 AM