September 05, 2004
New Music

Here are a couple of albums I've been enjoying recently. I suggest you give them a listen. I put in a couple samples to listen too yourself. Due to the current silliness with the RIAA, and considering my job, I've only posted partial samples of the songs to avoid legal trouble.

Razorlight - Up All Night

Razorlight is a new British group that Suw told me about. This group is a mix of the sparse guitar/bass/drums sounds today of the Stokes mixed in with a few other things. There's a dash of 80's new wave and the occasional folksy riff that floats in and out. I listened to the new Libertines album first (think The Clash) and was suprised by the tasty songs on the Razorlight album. They avoid the 'wall of sound' style that's been so overdone these days. I've been listening to them in heavy rotation in the car. The album is an import and the price varies widely, so shop around.

My favorite song on the album: Razorlight - Shuffle and Fall - 60 sec. MP3 - 700k

Northern State - All City

Northern State is a rap group of three New York women that lay down the fresh rhymes. Their first album, Dying in Stereo was fantastic, and this, their second album, does not disappoint. Branching out into a few different styles, the girls stretch their rap further. They aren't the female Beastie Boys yet, but who knows what the future brings. They are heading out on tour with Cake! OMFG, what a kick ass show that would be. No LA dates announced yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

My favorite song on the album: Northern State - Don't Look Down - 60 sec. MP3 - 700k

Posted by michael at September 05, 2004 11:17 AM