September 03, 2004
BBQ Insight

Here are my answers to the latest Insight:

1. When you do fire up the grill, what do you put on it?
Briskets, tri-tip, turkey breasts, chicken

2. Where do you buy your goods (any secret meat markets)?
Bristol Farms for special things like 4-5 pound briskets, Ralphs for generic meats.

3. Besides your house, where do you/would you BBQ around your area?
I used to BBQ at Martin's house, but he moved to Kansas. What do they know about BBQ in Kansas?

4. Gas or charcoal?
Wood! I smoke meats slowly for maximum tenderness and flavor. I do have a gas grill for the quick grill when needed.

5. What is your favorite drink to accompany the grill?
Sipper Jigger of Jack Daniels and Coke.

6. When you bring a side dish, what is it?
Michele will make a quiche or some asian dumplings.

7. If the host burrns the main dish, where do you go out to eat instead?
Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles

8. Post BBQ games: dominoes, croquet, bocci or badminton?
Drinking liquor, eating sweets, herding children.

Posted by michael at September 03, 2004 07:10 PM