August 29, 2004
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Last week I was in Orlando for some company meetings. Hot, muggy weather, long meetings, backstage tours of Disneyworld, lots of drinking at business dinners. I think it wore me out a bit.

No time to blog, except a few camphone photos I moblogged over there ->

Last week was my parents 41st wedding anniversary. 41 years. Wow.

We made a cake for my parents and headed down to their house. My dad had been in Ghana doing some charity work earlier this month and they had been in Hawaii after that. This was the first time we'd seen them since then.

They gave us several gifts that were wonderful. Here's what I recieved.

Yes, the next time I get a chance I will be burning Castro's crops.

Back to the regular geek blogging when I get some time.

Until then here's a little MLP:

Election Protection 2004 (a site my brother Matt built with MovableType)
Cake's New Album
Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition

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