August 11, 2004
Plan update

I noticed that Squidly was questioning my progress on the Two Week Plan.

Let's take a look at the plan and what's I've done so far.


    • Feed fish - Fish is still alive
    • Eat fruit - I've eaten 6 apples in 7 days
    • Check/water plants - Plants are still alive
    • Dishes/paper/trash - No piles of garbage or filth in the house

    In the next two weeks

    • Dinner with Mom - On Sunday night we went to Souplantion
    • Remove stump from front yard - See picture below
    • Put up shelves in the girls room
    • See Zaitoichi, Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite - Zaitoichi great, Napolean good
    • Go shoot my rifle
    • Go see a live band
    • Reprep laptop
    • Plan that blogging thing - See the previous post
    • Sell all that stuff on Ebay - Six items listed currently
    • Ride my bicycle
    • Try a Mochaberry at Borders - Good, but not worth the hassle of going into a Borders.
    • Do the hot sauce experiment

Here's the removed stump. My chainsaw broke in the middle of getting this done and I had to finish it by hand with the maul. Yeah, I'm hard-core like that with cool wood chopping skills...

By my count that's 6 and 2/3 out of the 12 I listed. That's more than half with the toughest one, the stump removal done.

In light of this, I respectfully tell Squidly to 'step off'.

Posted by michael at August 11, 2004 08:02 AM