August 10, 2004
Blog My Backyard

The Los Angeles Blogging community has never been one to get together in meatspace. For some reason, other cities llike New York and Seattle can draw hundreds to blogger get-togethers, but LA hasn't done as well.

Meetups are lightly attended and even the get-togethers draw small groups. The last big gathering of LA bloggers was the Live from the Blogosphere back in February 2003. I thought a little bit of how to get the bloggers together, but finding a place with cheap parking, cheap drinks, space and wifi is no easy task.

Then it hit me, I'll take a page from Bruce Sterling's book. Every SXSW, Bruce invites everyone to his house for beers. The party goes off without a hitch and everyone has a great time.

My backyard has plenty of wifi, parking is free, and I can cover some drinks and food...

So... LA Bloggers, you are cordially invited to Blog My Backyard. Tell your friends, blog it, gmail it to others, google me to see if I'm a freak, convince your significant other, and mark your calendar. I'm giving you plenty of notice.

Yep, on Saturday, August 21st feel free to stop by, have a drink and meet other LA Bloggers.

Just a couple of guidelines:

1) You need to be a blogger, or at least arrive with a bonafide blogger.
2) You must agree to wear a nametag. People want to know who you are and nametags let that happen. All the cool kids are wearing them.
3) You must not be stupid. This is my home and my wife is graciously letting me get away with a yet another kooky scheme.

I'll provide some basic food and drinks, but feel free to bring something along with you to share. My daughters will be there, so if you want to bring your children, that would be great.

Date: Saturday, August 21st
Time: 2PM - 6PM
Location: [removed after event]

If you are fairly sure you are coming, let me know so I get a rough count of how many will be here.

Posted by michael at August 10, 2004 11:14 PM