August 07, 2004
Los Angeles Insight

Jonah of asks a few questions of LA bloggers.

1. How long have you lived in Los Angeles?

32 out of 37 years. 4 years in New York, 1 year in San Francisco.

2. Were you born here?

Yes, born and raised in the South Bay.

3. How long did you plan on staying here originally?

After I got married, we had planned to live in San Francisco forever.

4. How long do you plan on staying here now?

Probably forever. Possibly we could move after the girls finish school and college (16+ years...)

5. What keeps you here?

Works, schools, the weather, the tolerance of diversity.

6. What makes you want to leave?

The smog and the traffic.

7. What is your biggest suprise about living here?

That so many people hate LA in the rest of the country, especially New Yorkers.

8. What is your biggest disappointment about living here?

We don't get to see fall colors and we don't get to see winter become spring with the appearance of green. Back east, these times of the year are glorious.

Posted by michael at August 07, 2004 12:46 AM