July 31, 2004
One Thousand

This is the one thousandth post on my weblog.

I started an 'official' weblog on January 21st, 2000. I had been posting info on the net for several years before that, but that was the moment I began using software to update my site. At the time, I was using software called Newspro that was all the rage.

I started the site because I was inspired by a site called Lum the Mad. Lum wrote about online gaming and was hilarious sarcastic in doing it. He closed down the site after a while, but he had inspired me to begin writing. Scott (Lum's real name) still runs a weblog at Broken Toys.

The first real content I posted on the net besides baby pictures is called The most expensive cup of coffee back in August of 1997. Even after almost seven years, it's still a funny story.

So there you have it, after almost four and a half years of pure weblogging and seven year of posting on the internet, I've hit a thousand entries.

While a few of my entries have been of the 'sorry I haven't posted' genre, for the most part, I've tried to make it interesting for people besides my mother, who likes everything I say or right (except fucking profanity, she hates the profanity).

I wonder what the next thousand will be like.

Here are a few entries you might enjoy:

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Posted by michael at July 31, 2004 04:49 PM