July 21, 2004
Mighty Little Man

This Saturday me and the Mrs. are going out on the town. We are going to see Steve Burns play. Yes, Steve Burns who is/was Steve from Blue's Clues.

Michele picked up his album Songs for Dust Mites a while ago and loves it. I like the album too, especially the single Mighty Little Man.

The album is not the usual celebrity vanity thing, it's good music. Steve worked with Steve Drozd of the Flaming Lips on the album and they put together some seriously good tunes.

Steve's even got a weblog and he just posted some pictures of going on tour. Rock stars with weblogs, who woulda thunk...

Steve is playing Saturday night in Silverlake at Spaceland. Michele and I will be there sucking down cocktails, so if you want to meet Mr. Cruftbox and his wife Mrs. Scarymommy, you can pony up the cash for the $8 ticket to the show and come on down.

Posted by michael at July 21, 2004 11:36 PM