July 01, 2004
Day 1

I picked up the Prius today and drove it around a little bit.

The car is so full of features, it's hard to believe.

The three coolest features are Smart Entry, Bluetooth, and the GPS navigation.

With the Smart Entry, you just walk up the car with the key thing in your pocket and you can the open the door without pushing a button. You just pull the door handle. The car senses the key and you can leave it in your pocket when you start the car.

The car has Bluetooth and works great with my Nokia 3650. As soon as I get in range of the car, the hands free kit inside takes over the phone. I can even push contacts into the car's memory.

The GPS navigation is kickass. Even if you don't follow it's suggested route, it will constantly readjust and come up with new directions, based on where you got off track.

Michele drove it tonight and said, "I want this to be my car."

Posted by michael at July 01, 2004 11:45 PM